Waste collection vehicles

City of Newcastle (CN) provide a variety of waste collection, management and disposal services. Waste collection services include general waste (red lid), green waste (green lid).

Please Note: Newcastle household Recycling (yellow lid) bins are serviced by SOLO Resource Recovery and transported to a separate materials recovery facility in Gateshead for processing. SOLO Resource Recovery take full responsibility for their drivers and collection vehicles. Contact SOLO Resource Recovery directly on 02 4947 8511 between 8:30am and 5:00pm weekdays if you wish to make a claim that relates to alleged damage caused by a SOLO Resource Recovery vehicle, or have any concerns relating to their collection vehicles or drivers.

Our waste collection vehicles collect general waste (red lid) which is taken from Newcastle households to Summerhill and securely disposed of in a lined landfill. Green waste (green lid) is processed, in a separate area on-site, into mulch. This mulch is then used for landscaping and rehabilitation works off-site.

CN is sympathetic to persons incurring an injury or sustaining a loss. However, the fact that an incident has occurred does not mean we are liable to provide compensation. Before we consider payment of compensation, proof supporting your allegation is required that the loss or damage claimed has been caused by negligence on our part and/or our employees or agents.

For a claim to be considered, evidence must be provided to us for consideration. The onus lies on the claimant to provide sufficient evidence or proof to substantiate your claim.

The legislation that applies to councils and their responsibility for damage resulting from waste collection vehicles is the Road Transport act 2013 (NSW) (the Act) and Road Rules 2014 – NSW legislation (the Rules). The Rules are a framework for safe and efficient movement of traffic on NSW roads.

Should you wish to make a claim against the City of Newcastle:

1. Claim against your own insurance policy for a property or motor vehicle claim

Your insurer may consider seeking recovery against CN. Please note that this option may result in an initial upfront payment to your insurer for the applicable excess. Your insurance company will pursue CN for reimbursement where they consider CN to be liable.

2. Claim directly to us for personal injury or a property or motor vehicle claim

Complete the Claim for Compensation form. Please include all relevant documentation and photos of the alleged accident/incident to support your claim.

Completion and acceptance of your ‘Claim for Compensation’ form does not represent an admission of liability or a waiver of its rights on the part of CN. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident to establish whether or not we have any legal liability. Your claim will be subject to investigation and assessed on its merits.

The process of investigation and determination can take 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes there are delays in obtaining information which is beyond our control (i.e. information required from third parties, contractors or witnesses). We endeavour to respond to claims as quickly as possible; but claims brought in negligence are often complicated and we ask for your patience and co-operation during this time.