Milford Street Update

Asbestos Clean-Up Works – Remaining Wickham Wool Store Building

Residents and businesses of Milford Street are advised that Novocastrian Demolition Services (NDS) has been engaged on behalf of the building owner to commence works to remove asbestos containing debris (ACD) from the roof of the remaining Wool Store building from 4 April.

The ongoing presence of ACD on the remaining building’s roof is a significant cause of wind-blown ACD affecting Milford Street.

The asbestos clean-up works will involve the installation of a crane within the Wool Store site to access the roof of the remaining building and progressively clean the ACD left from the fire on 1 March 2022. As at 19 April these clean-up works are continuing, and are expected to take a further two weeks (weather permitting).

Milford Street and The Avenue Apartment Carpark Access

Milford Street is partially closed to vehicular traffic between The Avenue and Annie Street. The western footpath running alongside the Soque Apartments and The Avenue Apartments has been cleaned by licensed asbestos removal contractors and cleared by Licensed Asbestos Assessors for pedestrian use. The clean-up is ongoing to address any further wind-blown ACD.

Further footpath and street cleaning has been undertaken by a licensed asbestos removal contractor, and clearance has been received from a Licensed Asbestos Assessor - enabling the northern section of Milford Street between The Avenue and the southern boundary of The Avenue Apartments to be re-opened to vehicles, enabling access to The Avenue Apartment car parks from the afternoon of Tuesday 12 April.

Remaining Part of Milford Street to Remain Closed During Clean-Up Works

Due to the works the Wool Stores building owner is undertaking to clean the roof of the remaining Wool Store building, Milford Street will remain closed to vehicles between Annie Street and the southern boundary of The Avenue Apartments.

Once the building owner has completed the clean-up of the Wool Store building roof, it is expected Milford Street will be cleaned, cleared and re-opened.