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What's happening on Mitchell Street?

Image of sandstone blocks being returned to frame key intersections along Mitchell StreetWe are making Stockton's local centre a safer, more attractive place to visit with our upgrade of Mitchell Street between Hunter Street and King Street. The upgrade will:

  • Improve accessibility, safety and comfort for pedestrians and bike riders.
  • Improve driver visibility and ease of movement.
  • Strengthen the sense of place and identity by improving the look and feel of the public spaces with new paving and landscaping.
  • Upgrade drainage and improve water quality with new rain gardens.
  • Improve the natural environment and increase shade cover by providing more trees and groundcover planting. The number of trees in the area being upgraded will increase from three to forty trees – a significant boost to the shade canopy along the main street.
  • Acknowledge Stockton's character and heritage by retaining and reusing sandstone from the existing kerbs to frame garden beds and raingardens.

How will Mitchell Street be made more user friendly?Image of sandstone framing a new garden bed next to a new pedestrian crossing

  • The speed limit on Mitchell Street will be reduced from 50km/h to a 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area to make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and vehiclesBus stops will be retained in their current locations for easy access to the shops.
  • A disabled parking space will be provided close to the Senior Citizen's Centre and GP clinic.
  • Street furniture will be upgraded.
  • Footpaths in poor condition will be replaced.
  • Stone patterned concrete paving will be used in the core area and along the western side of Mitchell Street from Crown Street to Hunter Street.
  • Footpath paving will be continued across laneway entries, giving pedestrians right of way.
  • Shade trees will be planted in the footpath where possible and in the parking lane where there are shop awnings.
  • Crime will be discouraged through good environmental design.

Find out more by reading answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the process and where are we up to?

We engaged with the local community early in this project to understand what was important and how we could improve the Mitchell Street area. You told us you love the community atmosphere but would like it to be enhanced with improved public spaces.

We invited the community to provide feedback online or at Stockton Library between 1st December and 14th December 2020 on the design and guidance on elements including the colour choice of planter boxes which will be installed at various locations along Mitchell Street. The outcomes are below, with charcoal being the preferred colour for planter boxes:

Image showing results of community engagement where 49%25 of the community voted for charcoal planter boxesFor further information on the outcomes visit our Have Your Say page or view the full engagement report.

We incorporated community feedback into our design, and construction commenced at the beginning of March 2021.

What to expect during construction

Our work commenced with replacement of stormwater infrastructure along Mitchell Street, increasing the capacity of the system to better manage water during heavy rainfall. We also replaced the water main while these works were underway. Our teams started at the southern end of Mitchell Street, and will progress north along Mitchell Street in stages. We will liaise directly with impacted residents and businesses along Mitchell Street ahead of works beginning in their area.

Staging map showing when each stage is planned to be constructed

The staging map indicates how our construction is planned along Mitchell Street.

In some stages there will be a length of time between the completion of the watermain and stormwater upgrade, and the commencement of the civil works upgrade. During this period we will reinstate the road / footpath surface to maintain vehicle and pedestrian access where possible. For your safety please follow the directions provided by our teams and on-site signage.

We will continue to provide updates on construction staging and impacts during delivery of the upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a number of answers to questions about the Mitchell Street upgrade including issues around transport safety, parking, aesthetics and environment, road safety and crime prevention. View our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

View the The Stockton Public Domain Plan Process Flow Chart (PDF).

Concept image of completed upgrade

Final Plans

Council on 28 February 2017 approved the traffic component of the Stockton Public Domain Plan. Design work has continued, and the final plan is shown below.

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