Annual Report

Each year Council provides a high volume of work and services to the community. On an annual basis we are required to report on these works to the Office of Local Government. The Annual report provides a snap shot of our achievements in delivering on the seven key themes of the Newcastle 2030 community strategic plan:

  • Connected city
  • Protected and enhanced environment
  • Vibrant and activated public places
  • Caring and inclusive community
  • Liveable and distinctive built environment
  • Smart and innovative city
  • Open and Collaborative leadership.

2020/21 Annual Report

You can view a summary version of the City of Newcastle 2020/2021 Annual Report, or the full version or browse through the report below.

The 2020/21 Audited Financial Statements and 2017-2021 End of Term Report are also available as attachments to the 2020/21 Annual Report.

Previous Annual Reports