Our Budget

Our Budget 2021/2022

A key focus of the 2021/22 Budget is to continue on the path of financial sustainability, deliver the many essential services expected of local government and invest more than $90 million in projects to improve the livelihood and wellbeing of our city.

The City will invest $330 million into Newcastle during the next financial year, delivering more than 300 projects and $90.4 million for upgrades or new community infrastructure.

Program highlights include:

  • $11 million for waste management, including $8 million for an organics facility to compost food and green waste to reduce the city’s environmental footprint
  • $10.5 million for environmental and sustainability projects
  • $8.1 million for urban centre renewals including East End public domain and Wallsend and Orchardtown Road (New Lambton) local centre upgrades
  • $5 million on transport including $3.1 million on local traffic management and pedestrian access and mobility
  • $2 million towards preliminary works associated with the expansion of the Newcastle Art Gallery

View the 2021/22 Our Budget document (PDF 10.7 MB)


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