Section 603 Certificates

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A Section 603 Certificate lets people know if there are any property related debts like rates or waste charges outstanding on a property. These are most required during the sale of property. Solicitors, real estate agents and members of the public can make an application to Council for a certificate by completing the Section 603 form and paying the required fee. The application form can be found here: Section 603 Certificate application (PDF)

If you are purchasing a property you may also want a Section 735A Outstanding Notices / Orders.certificate: Section 735A & 121ZP Outstanding Notices Certificate (PDF)

Fees and processing time

There is a fee of $85 payable for each Section 603 certificate. GST is not applicable. The usual processing time for a Section 603 certificate is between 24-48 hours from the date of payment. The certificate may be ordered through the mail, or over the counter at City Administration Centre, 12 Stewart Avenue, Newcastle. You can also email your application to Once the application has been lodged and reviewed by us, you will be contacted by CN's Customer Contact Centre to make payment of the required fees.

Should you require a Section 603 Certificate urgently (within 24 hours) an additional urgency fee of $84.00 (GST inc) applies.