Motorbike Parking

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When parking a motorbike, the same rules apply to the motorbike as a motor vehicle. Therefore, parking must be purchased when a payment is required on a parking control sign. However, securing the ticket can be problematic for motorbike riders.
There are two options for purchasing parking for motorbikes in Newcastle; 

  1. Use the EasyPark application to pay for parking when fee is required.
  2. Purchase the ticket and display on the motorbike in an appropriate manner.

Note: In the state of NSW it is illegal to park on the footpath.

City of Newcastle has introduced free all-day motorcycle parking zones in some Newcastle CBD streets. All parking spaces are signposted. Motorcycles can park the whole day and parking is free of charge.

On-Street Motorcycle parking locations in the Newcastle CBD


No. of parking spaces
Argyle Street, Newcastle – western side between Centenary Road and the railway line 6
Bolton Street, Newcastle - western side between King and Church Streets 2
Burwood Street, Newcastle - side of Courthouse and ATO 14
Darby Street, Cooks Hill - eastern side fronting property No. 127 (opposite Council Street) 3
Dick Street, Newcastle West - eastern side at each end of angle parking 9
Gibson Street, Cooks Hill - northern side between Auckland and Charles Streets 4
Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle - southern side,  west of Worth Place 12
Hunter Street, Newcastle – southern side between Watt and Bolton Street 12
Keightley Street, Newcastle – southern side between Morgan and Market Street 20
King Street, Newcastle – northern side between Christie Street and Burwood Street 7
King Street, Newcastle - southern side fronting Civic Park west of Darby Street 4
King Street, Newcastle - northern side between Steel and Devonshire Street 3
King Street, Newcastle - northern side, west of Perkins Street 6
King Street, Newcastle - northern side west of Watt Street 4
King Street, Newcastle - northern side west of Pacific Street 4
Parry Street, Newcastle West - northern side between Arnott and Union Streets 4
Perkins Street, Newcastle - eastern side north of King Street 3
Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle East - western side, south of Ocean Street 3
Steel Street, Newcastle – eastern side, south of Honeysuckle Drive 4
Union Street, Cooks Hill - eastern side between Bull and Parry Streets 5
Wharf Road, Newcastle - southern side, west of pedestrian crossing 4
Wharf Road, Newcastle - northern side east of The Brewery carpark 3
Wolfe Street, Newcastle – eastern side between Scott Street and Hunter Street 3

On-street Motorcycle parking locations - Outer Newcastle business areas


No. of parking spaces
Beaumont Street, Hamilton – western side south of Denison Street 5
Glebe Road, The Junction - northern side, between Kenrick and Bruce Street 5
Henderson Parade, Merewether - Upper car park 3
Henderson Parade, Merewether - Lower cark park 4
Hudson Street, Hamilton - southern side inside the Hamilton Railway Station car park 4
Kenrick Street, The Junction - northern side between Corlette and Union Streets 4
Lindsay Street, Hamilton - southern side, west of Beaumont Street 4
Memorial Drive, Bar Beach - western side between Bar Beach Avenue and Kilgour Avenue 15
Russell Road, New Lambton - southern side between Regent and Cromwell Streets 4
Young Street, Carrington - between Cowper and Victoria Streets 4