Bulk Waste Service

We offer two options for disposing of bulk waste for free. See a service comparison and what you can dispose of using our Accepted items list.

  1. A digital Self-haul voucher: Dispose of a wider range of items by taking your bulk waste items to Summerhill Waste Management yourself. Vouchers are generated within 3 business days. See more about Self-haul vouchers.
  2. A bookable Kerbside pick-up: Have your bulk waste collected from your property. We will typically send you a booking confirmation within 7 days of your request. Current wait time for collection is between 4-6 weeks. See more about Kerbside pick-up.
  • Eligible households can request two services in a 12 month period. See if you are eligible.
  • Each service allows you to dispose of up to 2 cubic metres, equivalent to the size of a small trailer.

Frequently asked questions

Our bulk waste service is available to all rateable residential properties in Newcastle.

You can only arrange a bulk waste service on behalf of a property if you live there, regardless of whether you rent or own it. Special conditions apply for kerbside pick-ups if you live in a multi-unit dwelling or social housing; please see below for details.

If you request a self-haul voucher, you must be able to provide proof of occupancy (for example, a current driver licence) when you arrive at the weighbridge at Summerhill Waste Management Centre that demonstrates that you reside at the property address printed on the voucher.

Multi-unit dwellings

If you live in a multi-unit dwelling, a communal kerbside bulk waste pick-up will be arranged for your entire complex. Please ask your strata manager / body corporate to contact us to make a booking. The managing body is responsible for requesting a service and notifying all residents of their scheduled collection date.

Social housing (Housing NSW) tenants

  • Single dwellings: If you live in stand-alone public or community housing, please contact us directly to make a booking. Eligibility criteria applies.
  • Multi-unit dwellings: We make advance arrangements with Housing NSW to provide two kerbside pick-ups to eligible public and community housing complexes within a 12-month period. Communal collections are provided to all residents in the complex on the same day. Please contact your Housing NSW liaison officer to find out your next collection date.

You can request two services (that is, two kerbside pick-ups OR two self-haul vouchers, or one of each option) for your place of residence* within any rolling 12-month period.

The rolling period begins from the time that you last used the service. For example, if you used the service in February and again in October this year, you could request your next service from February next year.

Entitlements can't be 'accrued' if you don't use the service.

*Please note: Two services are permitted per rateable residential property within a rolling 12-month period; the entitlement is not per occupant.

You can dispose of up to two cubic metres of bulk waste per service. The items accepted through each service option are outlined below. You can also view this information in our Bulk Waste Accepted Items (PDF 52kB) flyer.

Our collection vehicles are staffed by two team members. All items placed out for kerbside pick-up must therefore be able to be safely and reasonably handled by two people. As a guide, individual items should not exceed 50kg.

Items Accepted Self-haul voucher Kerbside pick-up
Mattresses, bed frames and bases YES YES
Household appliances and electronics, such as vacuum cleaners,
TVs, computers and handheld kitchen appliances
Whitegoods that do not contain refrigerant gases, such as washing machines, clothes dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers and hot water tanks YES YES
Fridges, freezers and air-conditioners that have been de-gassed by
an ARC licenced technician (please see bottom of page for details)
Bicycles, BBQs and other scrap metal YES YES
Furniture such as lounges, chest-of-drawers, bedside tables and chairs YES YES
Carpet, rugs and linoleum (rolled and tied) YES YES
Toys and sporting goods YES YES
Small tree branches less than 100mm thick (bundled and tied) YES YES
All other garden waste, such as lawn clippings and tree stumps YES NO
Fridges, freezers and air-conditioners that have not been de-gassed
by an ARC licenced technician (please see bottom of page for details)
Car tyres and rims (maximum of five per voucher) YES NO
Mirrors, windows, shower screens and other glass items YES NO
Building waste e.g. concrete, bricks, tile, stone, plasterboard and soil YES NO
General (red-lid bin) garbage and food waste YES NO
Household (yellow-lid bin) recyclables YES NO
Asbestos waste, including asbestos contaminated soil (Conditions apply; please see Self-haul voucher: Asbestos only option below)


Problem wastes accepted at the Summerhill Community Recycling Centre, such as paint, oil and batteries. Standard quantity limits apply. YES NO
All other liquids, gases and hazardous/poisonous items, such as cleaning chemicals, pesticides and hobby chemicals.



*To ensure electronic items (such as TVs, computers and other household appliances) are recycled, residents are encouraged to bring these items to Summerhill Waste Management Centre. You can dispose of up to 10 items, free of charge, per visit through our Sort and Save service. Conditions apply.

Self-haul voucher: Asbestos only option

You can't dispose of asbestos through our kerbside pick-up service. You can use your self-haul option voucher to dispose of up to 100kg of asbestos only. The following conditions apply:

  • Once you have received your self-haul voucher, you must pre-book asbestos waste 24 hours prior to disposal on 02 4974 2000. Bookings can be made between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • No other types of bulk waste may be brought in with the asbestos.
  • Normal charges will apply for quantities above 100kg.
  • Loads of asbestos waste over 100kg (including asbestos contaminated soil) or more than 10 square metres of asbestos sheeting must be registered with the NSW Environment Protection Authority, using the online WasteLocate tool, before transporting them to Summerhill. More information about transporting asbestos and the requirements for using WasteLocate is available on the EPA website.

Two cubic metres (2m3) is equivalent to a block of space that measures two metres by one metre by one metre (2m x 1m x 1m). It is roughly the capacity of 1.2 metre by 1.8 metre (6'x4') trailer loaded just under one metre high.

You can estimate the volume of individual items by multiplying their dimensions (that is, length x width x height).

For example, a mattress that is 2.03m long, 1.53m wide and 18 centimetres (0.18m) high will have a volume of 0.56 cubic metres (that is, 2.03m x 1.53m x 0.18m = 0.56m3)—about a quarter of your two cubic metre (2m3) entitlement.

You can find out more about estimating the volume of your bulk waste in our Service Entitlement Overview (PDF 344kB) flyer.

Self-haul voucher

Our self-haul service provides the quickest disposal option, with vouchers typically generated within three working days of request. This may take longer during periods of high demand; please refer to the timeframes below to receive your voucher. You can choose to receive your voucher by email or by post.

  • Digital voucher (by email): Please allow up to seven working days.
  • Printed voucher (by post): Please allow up to 14 working days. Vouchers may arrive sooner than this, but are dependent on Australia Post delivery timeframes of two to six business days from the day after posting, although this can vary depending on the destination. If you have requested your voucher via mail it will be posted directly to the property for which it is requested. If you have not received your voucher within 14 days, please contact us at waste@ncc.nsw.gov.au or on 02 4974 2000.

Please note: Self-haul vouchers expire three months from the date that they are issued and cannot be renewed. The conditions of use are stated on the voucher.

Kerbside pick-up

Collection times vary in accordance with demand for the service. The standard wait time for a kerbside pick-up is three weeks, however please allow up to 12 weeks during peak periods.

Demand for bulk waste collections increases sharply during the holiday season, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Residents are encouraged to book much further in advance if wishing to arrange for a kerbside pick-up during these times.

Old fridges, freezers and air-conditioners may still have refrigerant inside them, even if they are no longer working. If these refrigerants escape into the atmosphere, they can damage the ozone layer and/or contribute to global warming.

If you would like to have a refrigerant-containing appliance collected through our kerbside pick-up service, you'll need to have the refrigerant 'recovered' from the appliance by a licensed technician or business authorised by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). It is an offence for anyone else to handle fluorocarbon refrigerants (heavy fines apply).

The licensed technican will send the recovered refrigerant to Refrigerant Reclaim Australia, the sole facility in Australia approved to destroy refrigerants in an environmentally friendly manner.

You can use the ARC 'Look for the Tick' search to find an authorised business or licensed individual in your area.

It's up to all of us to stop waste going to landfill and look after our environment. Before requesting a bulk waste service, have you considered:

  • Repairing your items?
  • Reusing items for another purpose or salvaging parts for future use?
  • Giving items in good, usable condition to friends or family, or donating them to local charities or op shops?
  • Selling items, or listing them for free collection - via online trading sites (such as GumtreeEbay and Trading Post), local newspaper classifieds, or by holding a garage sale?

Are you eligible?

You can only arrange a bulk waste service if you live at the property. Special conditions apply for kerbside
pick-ups if you live in a multi-unit dwelling or social housing

Rental properties

Tenants may request bulk waste services. We introduced this in 2015 to make our service more accessible to all residents.

Landlords may request bulk waste service for their investment property only when the property is vacant.

Multi-unit properties  

Communal kerbside bulk waste collection will be arranged for your entire complex. Ask your managing agent or strata manager / body corporate to make a booking.

Alternatively, you may request a bulk waste voucher and transport bulk waste to Summerhill yourself.

Social housing (Housing NSW)  

Multi-unit dwellings: Communal collections are provided by Housing NSW to all residents in the complex on the same day.

Please contact your Housing NSW liaison officer to find out your next collection date. 

Strata or Managing Agent

The managing body is responsible for requesting a service and notifying all residents of a multi-unit complex of their scheduled collection date.