Webcast of Council meetings

Council encourages the community to participate in City decision making. As part of our Covid safe practices we strongly encourage member of the public to watch the proceedings of Council Meetings live as well as view past meetings via the Council Meeting webcasting page.

Watch democracy in action with our live webcast of Council and Committee meetings. Check out the FAQs below for more information.

  • View the Ordinary Council Meeting, Tuesday 26 April on the day of the meeting by clicking on the play button below.

What meetings will be Webcast online?

  • Ordinary Council
  • Extraordinary Council and Committee meetings
  • Committee Meetings (Public Voice Committee, Briefing Committee and Development Applications Committee)
  • Confidential sessions of Council meetings will not be broadcast.

At the commencement of each meeting, the Chairperson will advise that the meeting is livestreamed and is accessible on the City of Newcastle's website.

City of Newcastle accepts no liability for any defamatory remarks that are made during the course of a meeting.

Webcast Archives

How long are meeting Webcasts available for viewing?
Webcasts of previous Council meetings will be available online for a period of twelve months and then will be removed.

How do I access older Webcast Archives?
Older webcasts are available on the Council Meetings page, select the meeting type, search for the meeting date you would like to watch and click on the Webcast recordings heading.

Compatibility requirements

  • An internet connection with an ADSL1 or greater bandwidth speeds
  • PC computers running Windows XP (or later) and using the latest web browser version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • Apple Macintosh computers running OSX 10.5 (or later) and using the latest web browser version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed - the software can be found at https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

Why has my screen gone blank?
If the webcast stream goes blank during a meeting, this will likely indicate the Council has entered into a confidential session.

The webcast has poor resolution
The quality of the webcast will depend on your PC's memory and internet connection bandwidth.

Mobile phones/tablets/iPads
The live webcast (or archived meeting) can be viewed on mobile devices running iOS or Android operating systems.

The video quality of the webcast will depend greatly on the speed/strength of your Wi-Fi or mobile 3G/4G connection. It is noted that newer Samsung devices might have issues playing the Webcast.

Where can I give feedback on the webcast?
Council will monitor webcasts and make improvements as required to enhance the service. If you would like to provide some feedback, please complete the form at Compliments, Complaints and Feedback.