Asset Advisory Committee

Objectives and Responsibilities

The Terms of Reference of the Asset Advisory Committee are set out in the Asset Advisory Committee Charter, adopted by Council on 24 October 2017:

  • To provide strategic advice on and guide the development and implementation of City of Newcastle's (CN) property asset direction for the City
  • To monitor and review progress of CN's property asset strategies, policies and determinations
  • To guide and provide recommendations on CN's property asset acquisition, disposal, utilisation and management
  • To align the utilisation, function and nature of CN's property assets with Council’s strategic priorities
  • To determine and provide recommendations on CN's property asset funding priorities.

The Asset Advisory Committee can form working parties to investigate, consider, and provide expert advice on defined tasks and consider issues within its Charter which are referred to it by Council.

Committee Charter


The Asset Advisory Committee meets at least four times per year. Asset Advisory Committee business is confidential and meetings are closed to the general public.


Membership of the Asset Advisory Committee is constituted by four Councillors appointed by the elected Council and Council’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

Councillor members are nominated by resolution of the elected Council on commencement of each new Council term.

Current members

  • Lord Mayor Cr Nuatali Nelmes (Chair)
  • Cr Jennie Barrie (Councillor representative)
  • Cr Declan Clausen (Councillor representative)
  • Chief Executive Officer (ELT representative)
  • Director Governance (ELT representative)
  • Director Infrastructure and Property (ELT representative).

The Committee has no executive powers and cannot make decisions on behalf of Council. The Committee’s decisions are recommendations only and primary responsibility for management of Council rests with the Council and the CEO. A quorum is constituted by attendance of at least four Members, including at least one Councillor and one Member of the ELT.


The relevant ELT Member responsible for implementing a recommendation made by the Committee must report to the Committee on a monthly basis as to the status of actions taken.