Coastal Management and Planning

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Our coastline is a sensitive natural environment that is exposed to natural processes, population growth, coastal lifestyles, and coastal hazards which create complex challenges. We are responsible for planning for and managing these challenges.

The NSW Government has established a Coastal Management Framework which includes the Coastal Management Act 2016. Local Governments across NSW are preparing Coastal Management Programs in line with State Government legislation to outline the long-term strategy for managing the coastal zone.

Coastal Management Programs set the long-term strategy for coordinated management of the coast with a focus on achieving the objectives of the Coastal Management Act. Watch this short video with Greg Britton, Technical Director - Coastal at Royal Haskoning DHV, where he outlines the Benefits of a Coastal Management Program and the Fundamentals of a Coastal Management Program.

Working with the community and our stakeholders, we have developed, or are in the process of developing, planning documents to outline the strategy for managing the hazards that impact our coastline and the Hunter Estuary.

Plan Description
Newcastle Coastal Zone Managment Plan 2018

The Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018 has been completed in two parts: Part A - Stockton and Part B - Coastline South of the Harbour to reflect the challenges in the two distinct coastal environments.

Stockton Coastal Management Program

The Stockton Coastal Management Program 2020 includes actions to help manage, maintain, and preserve the coast between the northern breakwater of the Hunter River and Meredith Street.

The program has mass sand nourishment as its primary coastal management action to improve beach amenity and protect coastal lands. The current focus of activity is working with the NSW Government to source the sand needed for mass sand nourishment.

Work is also underway to extend the geographical area covered by the Stockton CMP 2020 and outline additional management options to support the mass sand nourishment solution identified in the Stockton CMP 2020.

Southern Beaches Coastal Management Program

We are in the process of developing the Southern Beaches Coastal Management Program which covers the coastline from Nobby’s Headland to Glenrock Lagoon. Further information is needed to understand the cliff line that forms the Merewether-Burwood Headland (from Fredrick Street/Scenic Drive to Hickson Street). Coastal engineers have been engaged to assess the cliff. This Coastal Management Program is a long-term program of actions which can adapt to immediate and future changes on our coast.

Hunter Estuary Planning for the Hunter Estuary is occurring in collaboration with other public authorities and landholders and will build upon the previous work in the Hunter Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan. You can read more about the Hunter Estuary by visiting the Hunter River section of our website.