The NSW Planning Portal - The online submission of an application

The NSW Planning Portal is an online platform where community, industry and government can work together to provide a digital experience that supports effective planning and decision making under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

You can now take advantage of eplanning and lodge the applications listed below via the Planning Portal. All development related applications and post consent certificates must be submitted with City of Newcastle (CN) through the NSW Planning Portal. These include:

  • Development Applications (DA),
  • Applications to modify a DA,
  • Requests for reviews of determinations of a DA,
  • Where CN is nominated to complete the assessment of a Complying Development Certificate, Construction Certificate, Occupation Certificate and Subdivision Certificate or appointed as the Principal Certifier for a development,
  • From 1 July 2021, Building Information Certificates, and
  • From 1 July 2021, all post consent certificate registration for private certifiers.

For all other applications that are required to be submitted to CN, please follow instructions specific to the application type detailed on our website.

How to submit an application

To submit an application through the NSW Planning Portal, you will need to register and verify your account. If you have already have an account, simply login.

Register Logon

You will require the following documents to complete your submission:

  1. Owner Details and Consent - to authenticate that you have the consent of all owners to lodge the application
  2. Cost Summary Reports - the document guides you in how to authenticate the value of the development.
  3. DA Checklists - provides details about the information required to be submitted with your application. If insufficient information is provided with an application, the application may be rejected.

Need help submitting your application?

If you require assistance submitting an application via the Portal, it is recommended that you utilise the Quick Reference Guides created by Service NSW. A variety of topics are available including:
  • Registering for an Account
  • Navigating the Portal
  • Submitting applications and
  • Providing additional information
CN’s Customer Contact Centre are also available to assist you on 02 4974 2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

The differences you will notice when lodging an application via the portal include:

  • All correspondence sent between CN, external agencies and yourself will be done via the Planning Portal.  You will receive an automated email advising you when information or documents are uploaded.  This information is available to you at any time or location, by logging into your Portal account.
  • You will be able to link relevant applications i.e. DA, CC, appointment of a Principal Certifier, providing easy access to information and documentation.
  • You will be able to view responses from external agencies at the same time CN receives the information.  
  • You are not required to complete an application form.  The information entered online is part of the application for development.
  • You will need to upload all documents, including additional information to the Portal.  They should not be emailed to CN.  A Quick Reference Guide is available to assist you in this process.
  • No payments are taken via the portal, other than payments to external agencies for integrated development. For all other payments, CN will contact you directly to request payment of any fees.  
  • The application must be submitted by the applicant, or in the case of a company, an employee working for the applicant.  Traditionally you were able to submit an application on behalf of a person.  This option is not available in the Planning Portal.

Each application must be lodged separately in the Portal. Creating subsequent applications can be easily done by selecting the “Request related application” function in the top right menu. This function will be available after the Development Application is submitted to CN. There is no ‘combined’ application form as traditionally available on CN’s website, however if you lodge your DA and related applications on the same day, you may be eligible for a discounted construction certificate fee

Once CN has reviewed your application and is satisfied that all relevant documentation has been submitted, CN will attempt to call you and take payment. If we are unable to contact you an email will sent with a Bpoint link for payment. The Bpoint link expires after 48 hours. If payment is not paid in that time, the application may be rejected.

CN may request additional information to support the assessment of the application. Additional information is required to be submitted to CN via the NSW Planning Portal. Do not send the information by email.

For information on how to submit additional documentation via the Portal, please refer to the relevant Quick Reference Guide.

Service NSW are available to provide technical support for the NSW Planning Portal. They can be contacted by emailing eplanning@planning.nsw.gov.au or calling 1300 305 695. 

CN’s Application Tracker provides details of all Development Applications (DA’s) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC’s) and includes documents submitted with the application, any submissions received, and a copy of any determination issued. 

The NSW Application Tracker can also be used by the public and shows the type and status of the application submitted, the Planning Portal application number and the type of development. All documentation submitted to the Portal is not publicly available via the Planning Portal website or the NSW Application Tracker.

On the 1st of January 2021, all applications listed below will only be lodged with the City of Newcastle (and 42 other Local Government areas) via the NSW Planning Portal.

  • Development Applications
  • Section 4.55 Modification Applications
  • Request to review a determination
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Construction Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Subdivision Certificates
  • Appointments of Council as a Principal Certifier

It is recommended that applicants obtain a log on and acquaint themselves with the operations of the Planning Portal before the 1st January 2021.

CN has prepared an information sheet to assist applicants in entering the site details for a development.  

For information on how to submit applications via the Portal, please refer to the relevant Quick Reference Guide.