Night Spaces

Night Spaces

The project.

This project is an exercise in the concept that the more people in a space, the safer it will be.

The Henges.

Our light box configurations are a modern play on the ancient concept of a stone Henge. Arranged in a semi-circle, they invite exploration, play and discovery.

They illuminate the space and also display works of art drawn from the Newcastle Art Gallery collection.

This is only the beginning of the ways in which you can interact with the space through the Henge.

The Henges have been built in such a way that while they are modular, each location can have different experiences.

They also sleep.

When no one is nearby, or the batteries are low the Henge will sleep, demonstrating the finite resource of power and the importance of conserving supply.

The project has been jointly funded by the City of Newcastle and NSW Communities and Justice in partnership with the University of Newcastle FastLab, Newcastle Art Gallery, and local technology partners.

Keep an eye out for new Night Spaces being installed in 2022.

To find out more about the first installation at Kuwumi Place check out the Night Spaces Project (PDF).