World First Model

Page hero image Models are regularly developed to understand how estuaries work, and to identify the impacts that development could have on an estuary. Governments often rely on models to inform development assessment and strategic planning for estuaries.
A number of different models have been developed for the Hunter Estuary, but they often don't include the most up to date information and their reliability is questionable. The production of numerous models is also costly. To overcome these problems, Council is working with neighbouring councils and a number of government agencies to develop a whole-of-government hydrodynamic model for the Hunter Estuary.
The aim of the project is to develop a coordinated whole-of-government model that:
  • uses the best available data
  • produces consistent results
  • reduces uncertainty
  • is available for use by regulators, proponents and decision-makers.
Grey Mangroves at Stockton Beach

The model will ensure that all levels of government have access to reliable data to make decisions about the water resources of the Hunter Estuary. Development of the estuary wide modelling platform and protocols will be a world first.
A Scoping Study has been completed for the project. Funding for the development of the model has been secured, and the model is currently being developed.
For further information about the model please see the Water Research Laboratory website