Stockton Beach Works Updates

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In response to several severe weather events, emergency works were commenced to protect sections of the Stockton coastline most at risk of further erosion as we work through the development of a long-term strategy for Stockton Beach.

This work is ongoing and the Stockton community is provided with an update each month to outline the progress and status of this work. When visiting Stockton Beach please be aware of regularly changing conditions and follow directional signage, warning notices and the instructions of authorities.

The current update (April 2022) outlines the most recent work at Stockton.

Current Beach Access

Following a severe weather event on 1, 2 and 3 April, the majority of accessways remain closed at Stockton Beach. We are now remediating accessways and will reopen them when it is safe to do so.

  • Meredith Street: Open.
  • Barrie Crescent (North from Griffith Avenue): Closed
  • Stockton Beach from King Street: Closed.
  • Little Beach: Closed.
  • Lexie's: Open.
  • Hereford Street to Pembroke Street: Closed.
  • Mitchell Street Seawall Stairs: Closed.

The continued use of closed accessways is damaging Stockton’s coastline and vandalism is posing an ongoing challenge. Please respect work crews and follow any directional signage.

Beach Scraping

City of Newcastle undertakes a regular program of beach scraping at Stockton Beach to help increase local due resilience. This is an important part of our coastal management activities prior to the delivery of mass sand nourishment. Read more about beach scraping in the Beach Scraping Information Sheet.

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