Community Urban Forest Program

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We have partnered with the Greater Bank to plant 20,000 new trees across several sites in Newcastle. We hope you can help us add to the city's green spaces by taking part in one of our community planting days in 2021.

Ironbark Creek, Wallsend

Planting, scheduled for July/August 2021, will revegetate around 500 metres of creek along a rehabilitated section of Ironbark Creek. Three thousand new plants will reduce creek bed and bank erosion and continue to reinstate a wildlife corridor that extends from Elermore Vale through Wallsend to internationally important Hexham Swamp and Hunter Wetlands National Park.

Maclure Reserve, Jesmond

To celebrate World Environment Day in June 2021, a mixture of trees, native grasses and groundcovers were planted on a knoll at Maclure Reserve in Jesmond. The new plants will create a cooler, more appealing space, and treat stormwater runoff into the nearby Hunter Water channel.

King Edward Park, The Hill

Planting was undertaken late in 2020 on the southern section of King Edward Park along the popular Bathers Way walk. The 4000 new plants will enhance a protected and endangered ecological community known as 'Themeda grassland on seacliffs and coastal headlands'. New coastal vegetation will also support wildlife and improve the park for walkers, runners and picnickers.

Wetland Planting, Wallsend

Planting took place last year and will reinstate vegetation around an important freshwater wetland. Located on the edge of Wallsend and home to many local and migratory bird species, this wetland is a big drawcard for local birdwatchers. The 2,500 new plants will enhance this area for both aquatic and terrestrial native animals.

Bull and Tourle Street Reserve, Mayfield West

Undertaken late last year, this was the second stage of a planting aimed at enhancing a pocket of Coastal Foothills Spotted Gum Ironbark Forest. The first was completed in 2019 on National Tree Day. 5,000 native grasses, groundcovers, shrubs and trees were planted and they will benefit both the community and our native wildlife.

For more about the project visit the Greater Bank website. You can also subscribe to our monthly Natural Connection e-newsletter to stay up to date on future community planting days.