Email your favourite tree

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Did you know that all of the trees on our streets and in our parks have a unique number? We call it an asset ID and it helps us keep information on each tree, including what species of tree and when it was planted.

See if you can find your special tree on our Tree Map. What species is it? Roughly how old is it? What's its asset ID? You might also want to send the tree an email telling them how much you appreciate them!

Our trees love receiving emails like these from Newcastle residents:

A resident in Maryville wanted their local tree friend to know that, "For more than 7 years you and I have shared this block of land. I have enjoyed the shade you bring to our home, the shelter you bring to the animals and insects and the cool beauty you bring to the street. We all love you and thank you for your contribution to our environment."

And a resident in New Lambton had these kind words for their nearby Jacaranda tree, " I hope you are doing well, I love your hair cut who did it for you? Maybe you should get some nice tree friends, because no offence to your neighbour, but he has been kind of grumpy lately… something about too many birds that keep on nesting on his head."