Freeman of the City Recipients

The honour of Freeman of the City is awarded to individuals who have provided the highest level of service.

It may be awarded for achievement and service to Newcastle, Australia or humanity. The award dates back to ancient times, when an exceptional person was recognised and given privileges that extended beyond the law. That is, they were given the 'run of the City' and hero status.

Freeman of the City recipients

  1. Frank Purdue - Former Lord Mayor
  2. Charlie Jones - Former Lord Mayor, Federal Minister for Transport and Minister for Aviation
  3. Joy Cummings - Former Lord Mayor
  4. Arthur Wade - Former Deputy Lord Mayor, State Member for Newcastle
  5. Vic Bell - Former Deputy Lord Mayor
  6. Anne Von Bertouch - Arts patron
  7. Joyce Bond - Heritage and community activist
  8. Doug Lithgow - Community and environmental activist
  9. Dr William Bowmore - Patron of the Arts
  10. John McNaughton and Margaret McNaughton - Former Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress as well as community advocates and Ambassadors for Newcastle
  11. Margaret Henry - Community, environmental and heritage advocate
  12. Warren Smith - Surfest co-founder
  13. Howard Mole - Community volunteer
  14. Vera Deacon - Writer, philanthropist and historian
  15. Brian Suters AM - Architect