Pet Ownership

City of Newcastle (CN) encourages all pet owners to be responsible for their pet's actions. Pets are referred to as 'companion animals'.

Pet tags

When dogs or cats are in a public place they must wear an identification disc on their collar that is engraved with their name and their owner's contact number and / or address.

We recommend all cats that are allowed to roam should wear a collar and tag. All cats must, by law, be microchipped.

Registration and change of details

It is a requirement that dogs and cats are registered. You can register your pet online at the NSW Pet Registry, in person at Council's Administration Centre and at any RSPCA centre.

You can register your dog or cat via post by sending documentation and a cheque or money order for the correct amount to:

Attention: Cashier
City of Newcastle
PO Box 489



All puppies born or dogs purchased, must be permanent identification form with a microchip by 12 weeks of age, point of sale, OR change of ownership, which ever occurs first.

All cats and dogs must be permanently identified with a microchip either by:

  • 12 weeks of age
  • Point of sale
  • or change of ownership, which ever occurs first
  • If you are giving away your pet you MUST have it microchipped first.


Change of ownership

It is the responsibility of the current owner to transfer the microchip into the new owners name. This can be online at the NSW Pet Registry, in person at Council's administration building, by post by completed change of ownership form (PDF), and at any RSPCA Centre.

It is important to remember that microchipping does not take the place of council registration - you must still register your pet at six months of age.

Leash free areas

Council provides areas where dogs may roam free of theirs. Visit our leash free areas for more information.


Newcastle Animal Referral and Emergency Centre

The Centre provides daytime specialist services and overnight and emergency or critical care for your pet.