We act quickly to remove it because our residents have told us that clean walls are a sign they live in a safe neighbourhood.

Report illegal graffiti

If you see graffiti on a Council building you are encouraged to report it by completing a Graffiti Removal Request Form, calling our Customer Service Centre on 4974 2000 or our City of Newcastle App.

The City is working with our community partners at the Department of Justice and Communities to help us remove graffiti from private property and commercial premises.

Where possible, reported incidences will be removed within 24 hours of identification, or once Owner’s Consent has been obtained.

Other information

The City of Newcastle (the City) aim to minimise incidents of graffiti on public and private property by prompt removal.

Our properties include:

  • City of Newcastle buildings
  • park and playground equipment and facilities
  • bus shelters
  • street signage.

Graffiti removal from privately owned, residential, commercial, retail and industrial property assets, is carried out subject to consent from property owners/occupiers, as required. A representative from the local Juvenile Justice program will notify owners of Graffiti removal work in accordance with Section 12 of the Graffiti Control Act 2008.

If you spot graffiti on the property of one of these organisations, you can contact them directly to report it.

  • NBN Infrastructure – army green nodes or street cabinets.
  • Ausgrid assets - any graffiti located on a ie substation kiosks on footpaths, power poles, substations etc the customer needs to contact Ausgrid directly.
  • Hunter Water assets such as canals and open waterways.
  • Transport for NSW assets such as buses, ferries, rail, signage on bus stops traffic lights and signals, and wharves.