City of Newcastle has a multi-faceted role in the management of parking in Newcastle. We are an owner and provider of off-street and on-street parking and are responsible for enforcing parking rules throughout the City. As a parking authority, City of Newcastle can establish and operate parking schemes, including resident permit parking schemes and define restricted parking areas.

How we manage parking, its supply and demand, can complement our efforts to increase walking, riding and public transport use, and contribute to our shared vision for a sustainable, liveable city.

The Parking Plan – On the street (PDF), recognises the need for better engagement and for transparent, evidence-based decision making. Actions over the short to medium term focus on more efficient utilisation of existing spaces and improving the knowledge base and policy framework for parking decisions. The actions identified in the Parking Plan are listed in our Parking Implementation Plan (PDF).

Smart parking is just one of the great ideas being implemented as part of our Smart City Strategy and on street parking in Newcastle just got a whole lot easier thanks to the EasyPark mobile app. Parkers can download the app and then have virtual control of any metered parking space, anywhere in Newcastle.