Parking Penalty Review Process

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Paying Parking Penalty Notices

Revenue NSW is the only authority that can receipt and process penalty amounts. If you have received a parking fine, you can pay it at Revenue NSW by one of the following methods:

Request a Review of Penalty Notice

If you believe that the penalty was not issued correctly or there are extenuating circumstances then request to have the penalty reviewed by Revenue NSW.

Revenue NSW

Customers can request a review from Revenue NSW by:

You can manage your penalty online at, on your mobile device using the Service NSW app or by phone on 1300 138 118, Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 8:00pm.

Required Information

To assist Revenue NSW in considering your review and to ensure that all information has been considered, you should include with your representation the following documents and information if it is available:

  • Clear copy of the penalty (marked 'Penalty Infringement Notice' at the top)
  • Vehicles registration
  • Your contact details
  • Any medical evidence (if the circumstances are for medical reasons)
  • Any conversation with the issuing officer
  • Any other relevant information.

For ticket related parking offences, please also include the:

  • Identification number displayed on the ticket parking machine
  • Time you attempted to use the ticket parking machine
  • Method of payment
  • Brief description of and difficulties that you encountered
  • Reference number supplied by the call centre (if available).

What are the possible outcomes of the review?

When the review of your penalty notice has been completed, you will receive written advice from Revenue NSW as to the outcome. The outcome of the review will be one of the following:

  • Penalty to stand: the PPN was correctly issued and the offence was proven to have occurred. However, the circumstances or issues raised did not justify granting a caution or cancellation of the PPN. You can either pay the required fine amount or elect to have the matter heard by a court. This must be done via Revenue NSW.
  • Caution: the PPN was correctly issued and the offence was proven to have occurred. However, due to mitigating circumstances raised in your request, Revenue NSW determined that a Caution is justified. Payment of the fine is not required and demerit points (if applicable) will not be applied. However, it should be noted that for demerit point offences the caution will be recorded on your driving history.
  • Cancellation: following review it has been determined that the evidence does not support the issue of the PPN or that the PPN has been issued in error. You do not have to pay the fine and demerit points (if applicable) will not be recorded.

For further information, refer to the Review Guidelines.

The level of the fine attached to a parking penalty notice issued by the City of Newcastle is determined by the NSW State Government via State Treasury and not determined by the City of Newcastle or its Officers.

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