School Zone Parking

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School Zone Parking

City of Newcastle's Parking Officers have been actively undertaking school parking patrols since we assumed the responsibility for on street parking enforcement in July 2002.

Parking Patrols have been undertaken with different approaches over the years. The most recent practice involves all schools in the Local Government Area (LGA) being included in a rotating roster for Parking Officers to visit, primarily for enforcement of the on street parking restrictions but also to identify those schools with specific community issues. These issues frequently identified are as follows:

  • The location of the school and its proximity to main roads
  • The layout of the school
  • The number of entry and exit gates
  • Location of pedestrian facilities
  • Education.

It was found that these issues are generally the basis which drives parents, carers and visitors to the schools to park in a manner which may compromise the safety of the students and teachers. Schools which have been identified in this way are visited more frequently than most others.

Common areas of concern which were identified by our parking officers are:

  • Drivers picking up/dropping off on or close to school pedestrian crossings
  • Drivers picking up/dropping off in No Stopping and Bus Zones
  • Drivers stopping for long periods of time in No Parking Zones
  • Drivers parking for too long in short term drop off and pick up zones.

'Park Safe Stay Safe' School Program is designed to improve road safety around the vicinity of primary schools in the LGA by partnering with schools, principals, parents, students and the broader community.

The emphasis of the 'Park Safe Stay Safe' School Program is on education and safety.

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