Sporting Fields

Page hero image City of Newcastle (CN) parking officers patrol roads and CN operated parks, reserves and sporting grounds within the Newcastle Local Government area.

Our focus is on safety and It encourages all members of the community when parking at parks and sporting venues to do so in a safe manner and adhere to the parking requirements.

Things to remember

Do not park in areas or in a manner which impacts on the amenity and safety of other such as:
  • In areas where a statutory sign is located which prohibits parking
  • On public reserves, nature strips, community lanes, footpaths and on / across driveways
  • Not double parking which picking up or setting down passengers.

We encourage drivers to

  • Allow 10 metres between your vehicle and an intersection without traffic lights and 20 metres from an intersection with traffic lights
  • Pay for parking where payment is required by the kerbside signposting
  • Park as close as practical to the left on a 2 way street
  • Set down and pick up passengers only in areas signposted as a No Parking zone. No Parking zones require the driver to park for 2 minutes and to remain within 3 meters of the vehicle.